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For a long time, all wooden privacy fences have been the standard for typical American homes. The fence’s design may be very different from the simple wooden fence, which is decorated with exquisite decorations and intricate joinery. Initially, the widespread use of mahogany and cedar made them a logical choice because they are readily available and resistant to decay. Today, mahogany’s rising cost and the overall increase in timber prices have prompted homeowners to consider replacing traditional wooden fences with other manufactured products.

An age-old solution that looks uniformly good for you and your neighbor is The shadow box or board on board fence. This open design also allows exceptional airflow, which increases the durability of the fence and keeps your patio more pleasant. Chad Hoover of Hoover Fence alerts that if privacy is your top priority, then this fence design can give you a look from the right point of view.

Fence design (Shadowbox or board on board) is a little PRICIER with respect to a solid dog ear fence design. It is a bit trickier to construct and also consumes little extra pickets. Its exclusiveness is due to wooden panels present on both sides of the horizontal railing. Actually, this builds a neighborhood-loving fence; it is due to there being no frontside or backside in the fence mentioned above structure. It appears similar from back and front. Perpendicular wooden pickets/panels are placed 5 cm to 7.5 cm far with alternation on fence sides.

Lumber Option

Cedar is a very popular wood for making fences because it is resistant to decompose. Based on position, For Hoover Fence, either we can use western red type cedar or white type cedar. Other available cedar kinds are out west redwood and inland. Treated pine is available in the options list, and it is very common also.

San Diego’s Pacific sunspaces are selective about their fence wood. We do not purchase in quantity. But every year, we hand-pick our boards from the wholesale dealers. We’re big on structures of steel and woody board. With wood, even if done right, they decompose, tremble and create a bend in the fence. This does not arise with steel fence posts.

Tips and tricks for making durable wooden fence

Use a kind of wood that has shown itself outdoors, i.e., cedar, redwood, cypress, or pressure-treated pine.
Choose the best wood class you can buy; clearer wood means better wood.
Usage of steel posts instead of wooden posts adds heavy support coinjoin wallets for your fence; hence they will stand longer.Build the fence a bit higher so that the wood doesn’t touch the ground; this will lower the risk of dampness problems such as wetting, deforming, warping, and cracking.

Constructing a Wood’s Fencing by Yourself:

Hoover Fence’s Chad Hoover has dominance in wood fences of Do it Yourself (also known as DIY) design and constructed by a fence or landscape constructor. DIY woody fencing is frequent yet. Many householders keep some frequently used woodworking instruments such as a circular saw, handy post hole digging tool, i.e., earth auger, wireless drilling machine, rivets, and hammer. Some professional tools are also available, but this job can be done with the tools mentioned above.

A swift visit to some regional lumber warehouses can yield pre-made fence pickets or ‘stick-built’ material.

We, too, offer up both freely accessible to give expert knowledge and key points for clients desiring to redeem money and build an elegant fence.

I advise the DIY clients to review keenly premade woody fence pickets/boards present locally. These panels are usually inappropriate old aged fences. At last, as you are wishing to deploy your personal fence, purchase high-standard stuff that is heavy instead of those frequently used on conventionally constructed fences. Be cautious of stapled steel or nail/rivets on pre-made fence panels. These are usually rusty and bleeds red rust down the latest fencing.

Favor purchasing a standard at number 1 or at 2 treated fence posts and panels.

Affix fence panels to posts with yard standard deck screw and use nails made up of aluminum or stainless steel.

Nail Guns are easily available at equipment rental shops. At a very small amount, you can drive much enhanced and faster at fast speed.

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