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Today, automatic garage doors are no longer a simple luxury but rather a necessity. If you are in the middle of building your home or simply need a perfect new door for your home garage, you will need to follow a series of tips that will help you and guide you to decide on the type of automatic door that suits you best. Which one is the best? They are all good options, but while it is true that you will have to analyze several aspects that lead you to choose one door and not another.

Garage Door Offers

Each type of garage door offers different advantages. The Sectional and bascule are the most sought and have the following characteristics in common: safety, thermal insulation, sound insulation, and utilization of space.

The Sectional Garage Door Works

The Sectional garage door works as a conventional blind, thanks to its tongue and groove panel system. It optimizes space thanks to its roof adaptation system on both horizontal and sloping roofs. Simultaneously, it allows the use of the entire length of the garage since the vehicle can be practically stuck to the door without hindering the opening and closing maneuver. This automatic door is the most used in single-family homes such as townhouses.

This type of door combines quality and aesthetics and is perfect for neighborhood communities, thanks to its smooth and silent operation.

The 2-leaf tilting garage door is the most used in community garages at the main entrance due to its lightness, robustness, and durability.

Robust And Durable Door

The 1-leaf tilting door is used more in individual plots since it makes full use of the garage, and the design of the vertical side guides achieves a minimum loss of passage width. Another advantage is security since, due to its design, it is a robust and durable door.

After knowing the type of doors and their characteristics, we point out a series of important tips that will help you make your choice right:

Determine the style that fits your house; you will have to take the style into account, choosing a door that complements your home’s architecture. Victorian, colonial, traditional, country, or modern type.

Choose the right color. The shade of an automatic garage door should match or complement the other colors of the facade. As a general rule, it can be said that it should not be of a bright color that contrasts extremely with the others. Base your choice by thinking about the windows’ color, the front door, or the wall covering.

You see that choosing the best automatic door for your garage requires a brief preliminary work so as not to end up making a mistake.

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