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Role of Garage doors in home security


The ultimate security of your house highly depends on the strength of entrances. The more robust entry points results in a secure house. The main entry doors in most of the houses are strong enough to keep burglars away. But what about the security of garage doors? According to a report of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), about 9 – 10% of intruders get into the houses through garage doors. Unfortunately, most of the house owners ignore the security of the garage doors, regardless of the fact that a strong garage door means a secure house.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about 7 simple and effective ways to enhance the security of your garage door. All you have to do is to keep scrolling to keep intruders and thieves away from your houses.


Conceal the interior of the garage by using frosted glass windows

Transparent glass windows keep a nice sunny environment in the garage, but at the same time, it also gives an entire overview of the garage from outside. This is actually the main tool of professional thieves to keep an eye on expensive things inside and wait for one good opportunity to break-in when no one is at home.

Using Window Privacy film helps in getting rid of this problem. The sunlight source is still on, but burglars will not be able to see what’s going on inside. These Window Privacy films are also available on Amazon, so it’s like a solution with just one click away.

Using a smart garage door opener for monitoring the activities. 


When it comes to garage door security, traditional garage door openers provide reasonable security. But the professional crooks have secret methods to open it forcefully, or they may hack the entire lock system.

Using a smart garage door opener allows you to monitor suspicious activities with the help of a notification alert on your Smartphone. These devices are connected to your mobile devices with the help of Wi-Fi. If someone is trying to force open your garage door, you can take immediate action by calling the local law enforcement department. Smart garage door openers are available both in the market and online Shopify stores.

Here are some top-rated Smart garage door openers available online.

Garage Door Opener

  1.   Chamberlain MyQ – $40
  2. Refoss Smart Garage Door Opener – $35
  3.   NEXX Garage NXG100-b – $56

Never forget the garage door remote in your car.


Although it’s quite easy to put your garage door remote inside the glove compartment or hang it around the rear-view mirror, that is not a good choice at all. Never leave the remote inside the car as it becomes an easy target for the crooks to look on. Always make sure that the remote is in your pocket or clipped with the key-ring of the car, to keep it safe from intruders.

Use of motion-detecting floodlights in garage doors.


The best time for suspicious operations by the professional burglars is the darkness of night. There are motion-detecting floodlights available in the market which can detect any movement from a reasonable distance and make a sudden burst of light. They are solar-powered, so there is no need for electrical wiring for its functioning. These floodlights are strong enough to keep the thieves away from your garage door.

Using a garage door lock.


If you are not using a garage door opener or the entire system is simply manual opening and closing, you should try a garage door lock. Just, for example, there is an Ideal Security Keyed Garage Door Lock that needs a key for opening. There are some other locks also available in the market performing the same function from inside. So you can also lock it while going inside the house and no one can open it.

Lock the door that connects your garage and house


An attached door between the house and the garage is a great facility. It allows a direct entrance to the garage without going outside the home. But at the same time, this attached door is of great importance in terms of security risks. If somehow a crook manages to take entry into the garage, he now has access to the house too. Always make sure that the connecting door is always closed from inside and strong enough to keep the intruders away.

Use of security cameras.

It makes sense that security cameras provide extra protection if installed on the garage door. No one is going to wander around the door when he came to know that his actions are recording. A motion-activated camera immediately turns on as soon as an object comes near to it. Moreover, you can also connect these cameras with your Smartphones for the continuous monitoring of the garage door status.

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